Connect Your Live Stream With Shabad OS

Learn how to sync gurbani with a live stream.

Copy the Overlay URL for Shabad OS

You can use the Overlay URL to display gurbani captions.

Image of where to find the overlay URL in shabad OS

Shabad OS > Settings > Overlay > Overlay URL

  1. Open the Shabad OS app on a computer
  2. Use the cog/gear icon in the Controller to open Settings
  3. Go to Overlay, then click the Overlay URL

Note: If there is no Overlay URL in Shabad OS settings, please read about URL Endpoints.

Add a browser to the live stream

  1. In the live stream software, find the size/resolution of the video stream.
  2. Add a browser to the active scene, layer, etc.
  3. Use the Overlay URL from Shabad OS to fill in the URL Address.

Note: If the browser is not sized to match the live stream's resolution correctly, it may result in blurry text.

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